Global Supplier

The world is our home.

In addition to the supply of food products we also offer specialised logistics services by delivering sea, maritime, air or road transport solutions, up to the turnkey delivery to the customer.
Our priorities are:

1. Fast delivery
2. Competitive price

Sea Transport

Sea Transport

We provide tailor-made sea transport services for every need, thanks to our consolidated relationship with the main logistics operators worldwide.
Air Transport

Air Transport

Through cargo flights we guarantee a fast and effective connection to any destination in the world.
Road Transport

Road Transport

Daily international departures coordinated by a team of professionals, always at your disposal

Your trusted partner for the global market


Working closely with the world's leading logistics operators, we offer quick and efficient services at the best price.


We select the most appropriate carrier for your markets by coordinating and taking care of all the parties involved.

Goods Insurance

With ``ALL RISK`` insurance we cover the value of your goods all along the travel, from departure to destination.

Control & Shipping

We supervise and control every single shipment through real time monitoring, managing every eventuality.


Complete knowledge of customs requirements, careful management of all documents and customs clearance practices, guarantee of free time & demurrage at destination