The careful and accurate selection of the raw materials allows us to obtain products of the highest quality that can satisfy the most demanding customers.

Thanks to the continuous monitoring of global markets we are able to meet every need and provide you with the perfect support, tailored to your target market.

We supply wholesale pork cuts: pork heads (also with ears and cheeks), pork feet (hind and front), pork sternums, pork tails, pork riblets (shaved, semi-shaved, meaty, IWP), loin bones, pork neck (also deboned), deboned pork belly, pork loin (with or without bone), fillet, ham and pork shoulders. Pork trimming, rind, pork trimming fat, lard (including back fat without rind), hard hock fat, back fat rind, pork stomach, ears, hearts, livers, pork kidneys and tongues.

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